Verre Tranquille

the lives of over 100 sims


February 1982

Dilan Garcia is 47, Narcisse is 44, Rey is 18 (Freya Harley is 18)

(narrated by Rey)

Mom started working on a book last month, something about psychology. Ever since she got accepted to working as a psychology professor in the university I barely get to see her, she’s always either in work or in her office.

Dad’s always at work too, which is very unusual for him. He used to let his manager pretty much run the supermarket for him and spend most of his time at the farm but recently he regained interest in running a business.

He has a few employees so I’m not really sure what he has to do there.

I guess he mostly does the administrative work, not so much the actual selling.

That’s probably why he opened a second business. He told me he noticed the coffee shop next to his supermarket wasn’t attracting many costumers and he decided to buy it and revive it.

I went there a few times and it doesn’t have that many costumers yet, but with how much time dad puts into the business I’m sure it will be successful soon.

He’s really getting insane. The second floor of the coffee shop was empty for years but now he’s going to renovate it and split it to two apartment units.

I have started seeing this girl named Freya, a friend of my sister, a few weeks ago and we get along really well. She’s almost one year older than me and she works at a jewelry store in the city.

It’s kind of embarrassing how I’m still a high school student and I never had a girlfriend but she seems to ignore that.

We had a true dream date last friday in a trendy restaurant in downtown.

The food wasn’t that great but the conversation was. I usually don’t open up to people but I feel like I really can with Freya.

I feel so silly because we haven’t known each other for long, but I think we connect so well. And, obviously, she is beautiful!

At the end of the day, I know I need to study as much as I can at my last year of high school. I’m sure I’ll get into college but I need to be skilled.


When planning the menu for the coffee shop. The second try was more legal successful.


  • Dilan got the ROS “Self Doubt – Change aspiration for 1 day – Keep or change back“. He changed from family/pleasure to fortune/pleasure and may I say – I love the change. He is much more interesting now and I had a blast playing the supermarket and the coffee shop. So obviously, I decided to keep it.
  • Rey got 5 or 6 scholarships, I can’t remember. It doesn’t matter anyway, the Garcias are pretty rich.  He’s going to study Physics in university next year.
  • Freya and him aren’t officially dating yet but I love her so much I’m hoping they will. I have too many sims to keep her if she doesn’t pair up with a playable and she’s still a townie.

3 responses to “supermarket

  1. S July 27, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    lol, poor Fifi! I’m sure she was relieved to not really be on the menu. 😉

    Good job to Rey for getting so many scholarships!

  2. maisie August 1, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    How funny!!! Why did it say fifi on the menu I wonder! lol So odd! I hope Dilan’s new business venture goes well, he seems to have a knack for it. Glad Rey had a good date too, hopefully this is the beginning of a good relationship for him.

  3. fortuneshores August 5, 2011 at 4:37 am

    Very cute update! Such a funny menu glitch…poor Fifi! I think Freya and Rey make such a cute couple…even their names are similar! It must be a match made in heaven.

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