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February 1982

Dilan Garcia is 47, Narcisse is 44, Rey is 18 (Freya Harley is 18)

(narrated by Rey)

Mom started working on a book last month, something about psychology. Ever since she got accepted to working as a psychology professor in the university I barely get to see her, she’s always either in work or in her office. Read more of this post


Rey Garcia


Rey Garcia

Current age: 18 (Born January 1964)

Personality: 4-7-9-1-4

Traits: Private, sincere, ambitious, smart.

Aspiration: Family-Knowledge

LTW: Reach the top of a Science career

Parents: Dilan Garcia, Narcisse Garcia

Siblings: Aron Garcia, Lyra Garcia

Children: None

Current Partner: None

Romantic History: None

Education: High School Student

Career: None

Job History: None

OTH: Science