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february 1982 birthdays

February 1982

Lyle Simon turns 4 this month. He will start going to the kindergarten in September and spends his days playing with his neighbor of the same age Fitz Moreau. Read more of this post


another one

January 1982

Halette Simon is 32, Alexandre is 31, Lyle is 3 and Aimee is 10 months

(narrated by Halette)

A few months ago Alexandre and I got the kids a dog. She turned out to be so much work, constantly climbing on furniture, chewing pillows, and with two toddlers in the house it hasn’t been good for me. Read more of this post

Lyle Simon


Lyle Simon

Current age: 3 (Born in February 1978)

Personality: 6-6-5-7-4

Traits: Virtuous

Aspiration: Undecided

LTW: Undecided

Parents: Halette Simon, Alexandre Simon

Siblings: Aimee Simon, #3

Children: None

Current Partner: None

Romantic History: None

Education: None

Career: None

Job History: None

OTH: Music & Dance

Alexandre Simon

Alexandre Simon

Current age: 31 (Born July 1950)

Personality: 7-4-6-5-7

Traits: Private, calming, loves the outdoors

Aspiration: Knowledge-Family

LTW: Become a master in 5 different fields of study

Parents: None

Siblings: None

Children: Lyle Simon, Aimee Simon, #3

Current Partner: Halette Simon (Wife)

Romantic History: Unknown

Education: University Graduate (Medicine, Women’s Medicine)

Career: Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Job History: Unknown

OTH: Nature

Halette Simon

Halette (Dupont) Simon

Current age: 32 (Born in March 1949)

Personality: 3-8-2-7-6

Traits: Caring, easy going, loves children, confident

Aspiration: Family-Pleasure

LTW: Become education minister

Parents: Archie DupontMavise Dupont

Siblings: Ninette DupontVeryl Dupont

Children: Lyle Simon, Aimee Simon, #3

Current Partner: Alexandre Simon

Romantic History: Unknown

Education: College Graduate (Education, Education)

Career: Elementary School Principal

Job History: Unknown

OTH: Games